Apple, pear, plum, cherry, apricot, peach, nectarine, sweet chestnut, walnut, crab apple, cob nut, medlar, black mulberry, quince and many more

Dan NeuteboomOur company, Suffolk Fruit and Trees, specializes in the growing and supply of quality fruit trees, tailor-made to your requirements. Our trees are grown in England, and they are traditional English varieties. The company’s mission is to pass on as much relevant information as possible, so that the customers who purchase our trees can be really successful with them, wherever they are planted in the UK.

We supply from an extensive list of varieties, and we can provide trees at the age and maturity that you prefer. We deliver throughout the UK. Our trees are nearly always two to three-year old trees, so they usually start cropping the year after planting.

Please note that the best time to plant fruit trees is from December to April. During the summer months, we have a selection of potted trees available. In any case, orders must be paid for in advance, and we need your full address to complete your booking correctly. We recommend booking well ahead, because we stock a wide choice of varieties, and some varieties run out very quickly.

We are always available to discuss your order, requirements and any queries you may have. As we are often out in the fields, please send an email (rather than phoning) and include your own landline phone number in your email message so that we can recontact you if necessary. Our phone number is 01379 870759, please leave a message if we are unable to answer and we’ll call back.

Our trees are suitable even when there are height restrictions, such as along a fence between properties, or on an allotment. Click here to read more.

Fruit tree consultancy

Dan Neuteboom of Suffolk Fruit & Trees is available for consultancy, on-site in East Anglia, for all questions regarding fruit growing, for garden orchards. These are some examples of the advice that he can provide:
– variety selection in function of local geographical and meteorological conditions
– pollination feasibility
– planting advice
– tree training advice
– recommendations for winter and summer pruning
– tree care and organic pest and disease control
– advice on sourcing trees.
Costs will be assessed and quoted accordingly.
For further details, please contact us by email.

Legendary support and expert advice

Dan Neuteboom at work on a treeThe fruit trees that we supply come with an important extra: our legendary support and expert advice. Our aim is to ensure that your fruit trees thrive and provide you with fruit as soon as possible, and for years to come. Our advice begins with ensuring that your choice of trees from our extensive selection will work well, whether they are for a patio pot, garden or orchard. Following your purchase, our after-sales service provides assistance and tips on planting, getting the trees to grow well and crop as soon as possible, and personalized advice on what to do if unexpected difficulties arise. Every fruit tree pack is accompanied by written summary instructions and recommendations, and we are always on hand for extra help.. Follow this link to read some customer comments on our service.

In other words, even though our trees are competitively priced, we are not just a mail-order tree supplier. By buying our fruit trees, you are also buying our experience. All those who have purchased our trees are well aware that help is just a phone call – or an email message – away. It is this personal service, free of charge with your order, that sets us apart from the rest. We hope that you enjoy our website, and we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at Suffolk Fruit and Trees: Phone 01379 870759.

Summary of tree prices

This is intended as a summary guide to our different shapes of trees, available in the Orchard Packs as detailed further down on this page.

  • 2/3 year old single potted tree pack    £29 per tree
  • Espalier or fan, without a frame          £36 per tree
  • Espalier or fan, with a frame               £41 per tree
  • Cordon without a frame                      £25 per tree

Due to drought, many varieties no longer available.

Single Potted Tree Pack

The planting season for bare root trees has now come to an end.

We deliver trees to all addresses in the UK. Please remember that the sooner you order, the sooner you will receive your trees. Orders must be paid for in advance.

Fruit trees are site-sensitive. You choose, we advise. We make sure that the trees you select will be successful in your location. Each Pack includes a planting guide for best results. For information and enquiries, phone 01379 870759, email

Pre-Trained Orchard Pack (2 trees) for Cordon, Espalier and Fan-Shaped Trees

This is a very exciting Orchard Pack. It is available either as pre-trained trees, or trees that with just a minimal input on your part, can be adapted exactly to your requirements. This includes fan shape or espalier formation, or growing as cordons. When ordering, please quote which type of pack you require:

Type A
Two fruit trees, not modified, but suitable to be shaped as a fan or espalier. Ideal for experienced gardeners. These trees cost £36 each, or as a Two-Tree Pack, total £70 plus P&P.

Type B
Two fruit trees, pre-trained with a bamboo frame in place ready for planting as a fan or espalier. These trees cost £41 each, or as a Two-Tree Pack, £78 plus P&P.

Type C
Two fruit trees, two to three years old (very different to the 1-year old cordon trees normally sold on the internet), particularly suitable for growing as Cordons. £25 each, or as a Two-Tree Pack, £48 plus P&P.

P&P costs
For up to four trees, the cost of P&P is £16. This additional cost reflects the greater weight of trees, which are well past the 1-year-old stage and are closer to maturity.

Click here for the order form and further details

Due to drought, many varieties no longer available.


Once you have decided which fruit trees you would like to plant (you can choose from our fruit tree varieties page), you can make a selection and place a provisional order using the web form on that page. We will contact you to confirm your order or to suggest alternatives in the case that the varieties that you have chosen are no longer in stock. We will then provide the details necessary so that you can pay for the trees. We are always available to provide you with free advice on which tree combinations work best. We take pride in our service of offering orchard packs tailor-made to requirements. After all, everyone has a different garden, and their own favourite fruits!

For more information on fruit tree sales, please e-mail us your requirements and we can help you with your choice of trees, if you so wish. Or phone 01379 870759.

Gift Vouchers

An apricot on a south-facing wallWould you like to give someone a tree, or some trees, without the bother of having to choose and deliver them? Easy! With our Suffolk Fruit & Trees Gift Voucher system, you just have to tell us how much you would like to spend, and we will inform you how many trees that represents, inclusive of delivery to your friend’s or relation’s home, wherever in the UK. After receiving your payment, we will send the voucher to the address required. The trees will be delivered in the December-April period, because that is the very best time to transplant trees, when they are in complete dormancy. The trees will be accompanied by information on everything necessary for ensuring a healthy and productive life in the garden.
For further details, please contact us by email.

Hints and tips

We would like to provide three tips that are so important that we prefer to mention them right here on our home page. Firstly, any newly-planted tree should have a rabbit guard to protect the trunk from damage caused by hares and rabbits, but also by cats and dogs. The type of guard depends on the wildlife you have in your area. We can provide a rabbit guard as part of our Tree Starter Kit. Secondly, the very best way to ensure that the trees get a really good start is – in the growing season, in other words from April to mid-September – to give each tree one or two full watering cans each week..

Our third suggestion regards wild flower meadows and their function in improving fruit tree cropping. We planted our own wild flower meadow several years ago, and we have seen how marvellous it is in providing a home for pollinating insects, above all in years of extreme climatic conditions. Just click here to find out more.

You can find more hints and tips on our blog! For example, click here to read our Top Ten Tips on caring for fruit trees.


To see video clips from Suffolk Fruit and Trees on all aspects of fruit tree care, visit our YouTube channel. There are links to two videos below.

You can also listen to Dan Neuteboom’s podcasts by visiting our podcast page. You can listen live to podcasts providing insights and advice on fruit growing, and you can download the podcasts. The podcast below is about observing leaves to diagnose problems affecting the trees, pests, diseases and physical damage.

Development of a Fruit Tree

Summer Pruning