Sale of bare-root, potted and pre-trained fruit trees – an interesting opportunity as a start-up or as a supplementary income

After 15 fantastic years of supplying bare-root and pre-trained trees to customers all over the UK, I have taken the decision to retire – for the second time. My first retirement was at the age of 67 when I sold my commercial fruit farm. I wanted to continue to work in the area of fruit trees and so I launched Suffolk Fruit & Trees, with the website, initially providing cosultancy for growers and people interested in planting a few fruit trees in their garden. I soon discovered that there was a niche for the supply of quality trees delivered by courier accompanied by expert advice, and in particular for the supply of pre-trained cordon, espalier and fan trees, and so the new business developed in this direction. Now I have decided that it is time to give up the sale of most trees – which requires a certain amount of physical activity – and concentrate on the consultancy part of the project.

An interesting business model

There is no doubt that there is an attractive niche for the supply of quality trees, and in particular of pre-trained trees. The government’s commitment to new housing is encouraging the sale of fruit trees to new home-owners who would love to have a few fruit trees that transform a simple garden fence into an attractive feature providing a foliage screen, shade and quality fruit. In the UK we are fortunate to have a postal and courier service that can deliver trees at a relatively low cost, without damage or delay.

Supplementary income

All these factors help make the sale of bare-root and pre-trained trees an attractive business opportunity, ideal – in terms of its economic dimensions – for an individual already interested in fruit trees as a start-up, or for someone who is looking for a supplementary source of income.

An existing client base

After 15 years on line, Suffolk Fruit & Trees has developed a high level of customer trust, and the large amount of information published on the website ensures appreciable statistics in terms of unique visitors and page views. I intend to continue working on the website, making it primarily a source of information for garden fruit growers. The visitors that it attracts can be part of a synergical agreement with the person or organization who decides that this business model suits their current aspirations.


If you are interested in this business model for the supply of quality bare-root and pre-trained fruit trees, please feel free to contact me at Further information will be available for genuinely interested parties.

Trees heeled in with straw mulch