England has a vast heritage of fruit tree varieties dating back centuries. They are often multi-purpose varieties (for example, some of the apple varieties are suitable both for cooking and eating) and they are all very different from the varieties whose fruits are commonly found in supermarkets.

Like all our trees, these trees are available from the end of November onwards, as it is at that time that the trees will be fully dormant and therefore in the optimum stage to be planted anywhere in the UK. Availability will be limited to pre-trained trees – fan, cordon, espalier – for the coming season. Trees can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Trees can also be collected from our nursery or from the Beccles/Ellaugh Farmers market, though we will need to know in advance when trees are being collected as we are often out on delivery or in the orchards.

Here is the complete list of the English heritage varieties that we stock:


Adam’s Pearmain
Arthur Turner
Bramley’s Seedling
Blenheim Orange
Claygate Pearmain
Crawley Beauty
Chiver’s Delight
Docter Harvey
Ellison’s Orange
Kingston Black
Lord Derby
Laxton Superb
Lane Prince Albert
Norfolk Beefing
Orleans Reinette
Peasgood Nonsuch
Sops in Wine
Warner’s King


Cambridge gage
Old green gage
Marjorie’s seedling

Plum tree


These varieties are also available as potted trees. These offer a solution in two situations. Firstly, if you have just a small patio and not a garden as such, you can grow your own apples, pears, plums and cherries on trees in pots. Secondly, if you have a garden and you want to plant a tree in the growing season, from April to November (or you want to give someone a tree in this period), a potted tree makes this possible.

The fundamental concept to remember is that you can only plant or transplant bare-root trees when they are in dormancy, from December to the end of March. If you transplant bare-root trees outside this period, their likelihood of survival is much reduced. That is why our bare-root trees – the cheapest option, with lowest packaging and postage charges – are available for delivery only from the end of November to the end of March. On the other hand, you can plant our potted trees at any time of year, because their root systems have developed and are protected by the soil in the pot.

As potted trees, the varieties above are 2-year-old trees. Each costs £25, and packaging and postage for each tree is £16 for each tree. We are conscious of the fact that the packaging and postage charge is proportionately high, but this reflects that the fact that the tree has a complete soil rootball, which means higher weight and volume. The total cost is therefore £41 per tree. Period of availability is from September 2016 to July 2017, while stocks last.

If you are interested in ordering an English heritage tree, please select the varieties from our varieties page, and if you would like to purchase it potted, please specify this in the “Special instructions or local conditions” window. For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

Traditional fruit variety