Standard Orchard Pack

Five trees, cropping from the year after planting!

clusterOur Orchard Pack consists of five untrained trees chosen specifically to create a small biological community in which all the trees help each other, growing and cropping better. If you are not sure about exactly which trees you want, we will suggest a combination of varieties appropriate to your geographical location, your site and your soil. This is the best guarantee of success. In short, our Orchard Pack consists of five trees – but with a lot of added extras, in the form of advice and tips based on a lifetime spent growing trees. Click here to read more about our unique Orchard Pack concept.

The Suffolk Fruit and Trees Standard Orchard pack contains five untrained trees, 2 apple trees, 1 pear, 1 plum, and 1 greengage or cherry tree. These two- to three-year-old quality trees, about 4-5 feet high, will usually begin cropping the year after planting. These are not thin sticks, but usually sturdy, 2 to 3-year old trees, generally with several side branches. Price just £98 plus delivery.

You may find that our packing and postage charges are slightly greater than other suppliers, but there is a reason for this. The fruit trees we sell are well-developed specimens with useful side branches. Our trees usually start cropping the year after planting. We prefer to sell sturdy, strong and healthy trees, and this necessitates higher postal charges.

The Orchard Pack can be personalized to your particular needs. The Standard Orchard pack contains 2 apple trees, 1 pear, 1 plum, and 1 greengage or cherry tree, but if, for example, you already have apple trees in your garden and you would prefer to have something else, this is possible at no extra cost. You can specify the varieties that you would like to be included (see under Tree varieties) using the “Special instructions” window in the form below or in your email message. We will let you know if pollination is satisfactory with the varieties that you have chosen. Your variety choice is subject to availability.

If you have to deal with height restrictions, such as positions along a garden fence between neighbouring properties, or allotments, just let us know. Click here for further information on this subject.

The trees supplied in our Orchard Pack are untrained trees. If you require four or fewer untrained trees, our prices are as follows:

Single untrained tree £25
Two untrained trees £24 each
Three untrained  trees £23 each
Four untrained  trees £22 each

Tree Starter Kits. The Tree Starter Kit provides you with a starter stake in treated wood, 4 feet in length, a spiral tree guard, and a tree tie. The stake is not suitable as a permanent stake: it is sturdy enough to support the tree in the first few years of its life. The price of each Tree Starter Kit is £6.50 each. This includes a 4 foot stake, a tree guard and a tree tie. If you are ordering an Orchard Pack, you can add up to 3 Tree Starter Kits with your order without any extra post & packaging costs. If more than 3 starter kits are needed, we have to send these as a separate pack. The post & packaging for such a pack will be £16. Please use the form on this page to order Tree Starter Kits.

We deliver trees to all addresses in the UK. Please remember that the sooner you order, the sooner you will receive your trees. The main delivery period is from December to April, when trees are dormant and so in the best possible condition for transplanting with a high success rate. During the summer months from April to the end of November, you can place an order for trees that will be delivered in the planting season from December to March. In any case, orders must be paid for in advance, and we need your full address to complete your booking correctly.

In the nursery, these trees reach a height of 6 to 8 feet, depending on the variety of the fruit tree. In order to ensure good regrowth, after lifting we like to cut the trees back to 5 feet. In our experience, this will give best results in the first year of re-establishment on the new site.

Planting recommendations

When you receive your orchard pack, you will find a plastic envelope labelled “DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED” that has your address slip inside. Just take out the address slip, unfold and turn it over, and you will find the planting recommendations on the back of the same sheet. You can plant bare root trees from December to April. Please click here for important information on tree staking.

Order now!
Whatever the time of year, we appreciate early booking to help us in our tree nursery work. We should also remind you that availability is limited!

Large orders
As the trees that we supply are generally 2-3-year-old trees, they have a thicker trunk and more side branches than equivalent products by our competitors. It also means that costs of postage and package may also be higher.
To avoid penalizing customers wishing to buy 12 tree or more in a single order, we provide special discounts for large orders, with the percentage discount increasing as the quantity increases. Just contact us by e-mail or phone (01379 870759) for further info on quantity discounts.

Suffolk Fruit and Trees delivers trees to all addresses in the UK. The Standard Orchard Pack will be specially packed and delivered to your address, at a price which varies according to location. We will inform you of the price for delivery when you have compiled and submitted the Provisional Order Form below.

Fruit trees are site-sensitive. You choose, we advise. We make sure that the trees you select will be successful in your location. Each Pack includes a planting guide for best results.

Suffolk Fruit and Trees takes pride in its customer service and the quality of the advice provided to all those who buy our trees. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for whatever queries you may have.

Standard Orchard Pack Order Form

Just tick the respective boxes and fill out the fields in the form below. We will acknowledge your order by e-mail and, according to your location, send you the total price including delivery.

We feel that it is vital that we confirm the suitability of your order to your location and environment, before we send you your trees, and whilst there are many on-line retailers who will just send you trees through the post, we care very much that your trees have the best chance to crop early, well, and for many years to come. For this reason, we can only process enquiries and orders that are complete with name, address, email and telephone number.

You will then be able to complete your order with your payment. You can pay by bank transfer, account name SUFFOLK FRUIT AND TREES, account number 93222624, sort code 20-26-34. Alternatively you can send us a cheque for the amount due to:
The Orchards, Oaktree House, Braiseworth, near Eye, Suffolk, IP23 7DS.

Trees will be delivered in the best time to plant trees, from the end of November to the end of March in any year. Within that period please state the delivery period which suit you best. Delivery can only been made after payment has been received.

For any queries, please feel free to phone us at 01379 870759.

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