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When planting a new tree, there are a few things that are so important that forgetting them could compromise its survival. The first is a tree guard that protects the trunk from damage by rabbits and mice, but also by cats and dogs. The young, juicy bark is a tasty morsel for rabbits, and if they gnaw all the way around the trunk, the tree will die because the phloem, the channels through which water and nutrients pass up and down the trunk, are just inside the bark. The second thing is support, consisting of stake and tie, essential for holding the tree firm so that the young roots can grow undisturbed.

Tree Starter Kit: temporary stake, tree guard, tree tie

The Tree Starter Kit provides you with a starter stake in treated wood, 4 feet in length, a spiral tree guard, and a tree tie. The stake is not suitable as a permanent stake: it is sturdy enough to support the tree in the first few years of its life. Ater 2 years, the tree roots on stronger rootstocks, such as MM106 for apple varieties, will be strong enough to hold the trees firmly in the ground in an upright position. This applies particularly to free-standing trees. However free-standing trees on semi-dwarf rootstocks such as M26 for apples, will need, after the early years of establishment, a longer and stronger permanent stake. A round treated stake of 6 feet length and 2 inches thick is ideal for dwarf/semi-dwarf trees such as trees on M26 rootstock. These are available from garden centres and builders merchants in your area.

Price, packaging & postage

The price of each Tree Starter Kit is £6.50 each. This includes a 4 foot stake, a tree guard and a tree tie. If you are ordering trees, you can add up to 3 Tree Starter Kits with your order without any extra post & packaging costs. If more than 3 starter kits are needed, we have to send these as a separate pack. The post & packaging for such a pack will be £16. Please use the form below to order 5 Tree Starter Kits. Just contact us if you need further information or a different number of Kits. Click here for further information on planting fruit trees.

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