Our 2-4-Tree Orchard Pack is designed specifically for gardens in which there is insufficient space for the five trees in our Standard Orchard Pack. Even with just two trees, it is still possible to select varieties that are compatible as regards pollination, ensuring the best possible cropping results. You also benefit from the consultancy that we provide as part of our service, ensuring that your selection is suitable for your location, your site and your soil.

You may find that our packing and postage charges are slightly greater than other suppliers, but there is a reason for this. The fruit trees we sell are not ‘mail order matchsticks,’ but are high-quality, well-developed specimens, two- to three-year-old trees, about 4-5 feet high, with useful side branches. Our trees usually start cropping the year after planting. We prefer to sell sturdy, strong and healthy trees, and this necessitates higher postal charges.

Examples of 2-4 Tree Orchard Pack varieties

Our available Tree Varieties provide a wide choice, and for two trees you can specify the types and varieties you prefer. Popular combinations include:
– Two dessert apples, such as Lord Lambourne and Red Falstaff, or Gala and Sunset
– One dessert apple, one cooking apple, for example Fiesta and Bramley’s Seedling, or Spartan and Bountiful
– Dessert apple and plum, for example Red Windsor and Czar, the dual-purpose plum
– Our “Plum & Apple Crumble combination”, Rev. Wilkes cooking apple and Purple Pershore plum
– Apple and cherry, Red Windsor and the sweet cherry Summersun
– Two pears, for example Concorde and Beurre Hardy, for cooking as well as eating
– Two pears cropping at different times, Williams in the summer, Conference in the autumn
– The very finest eating pear, Doyenne du Comice, with the early-ripening pear Beth.

These are just some examples of the combinations that are possible. If there is one variety that you are particularly interested in but you are unsure of the second pollinating tree, just let us know and we’ll suggest the ideal partner. If you like, you can just specify “apple and pear,”

Your provisional order

Once you have sent a provisional, no-obligation order using the online form below, we will check that the trees are compatible and that they are suitable for your location, and we will reply to you with any suggestions we may have regarding varieties, and the total price including delivery. As trees are site-specific, we can only process enquiries that are complete with name, address, email and telephone number.


The price of the 2-4 Tree Orchard Pack depends on the number of trees, and whether the trees are free-standing or pre-trained.

Free-standing trees:
4-Tree Orchard Pack at £80 per pack + P&P
2-Tree Orchard Pack at £42 per pack + P&P

Pre-trained trees:
2 Pre-trained Fan Shape Trees with a bamboo frame: £72 per pack + P&P

P&P cost depending on the type of pack ordered.


We deliver trees to all addresses in the UK. The price of delivery varies according to location. We will inform you of the price for delivery when you have compiled and submitted the Provisional Order Form below. The main delivery period is from December to April, when trees are dormant and so in the best possible condition for transplanting with a high success rate. During the summer months from April to the end of November, you can place an order for an Orchard Pack that will be delivered in the planting season from December to March. In any case, orders must be paid for in advance.

In the nursery, our trees reach a height of 6 to 8 feet, depending on the variety of the fruit tree. In order to ensure good regrowth, after lifting we like to cut the trees back to 5 feet. In our experience, this will give best results in the first year of re-establishment on the new site.

Planting recommendations

When you receive your Orchard Pack, you will find a plastic envelope labelled “DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED” that has your address slip inside. Just take out the address slip, unfold and turn it over, and you will find the planting recommendations on the back of the same sheet. You can plant bare root trees from December to April.


If you would like further information or advice about our Two-Tree Orchard Pack, just contact us by email at enquiries@realenglishfruit.co.uk

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Trees are site-specific. This is why we need your address. This data, along with your phone number, makes it easier for us to provide a better and faster service.

Please specify the number of trees, and whether they are free-standing or pre-trained, in the Special Instructions window below.

2-4 Tree Orchard Pack

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