20th century fruit growing: recollections by John Guest

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Retired fruit grower John Guest has published an article describing how he met Dan Neuteboom in 1970, and how they were both involved in the development of fruit growing. He recalls that in 1959 his father had seen a new style of growing apples in Belgium, so-called “spindle bush” trees with central leader, instead of the traditional “open centre” bush trees. “Unknown to me then, a young Dutchman and his wife were planting the first spindle bush trees in Suffolk. I learnt of this when reading my copy of The Fruit Grower Magazine circa 1959/60”. John Guest first met Dan in 1970 at the 50th anniversary of the Spitalfields market in London. On his website, John provides a fascinating portrait of the fruit growing industry and its rapid technical and marketing development over the course of the decades. Click on the image below to visit John Guest’s website.

john guest the english apple man