Dan Neuteboom, fruit grower and advisor

Dan NeuteboomDan Neuteboom has been involved in top fruit for his entire career, from the age of 24 until his retirement. Though he was born in the Netherlands, he spent his entire working life in the UK, championing the cause of English home-grown fruit. Years of experience have put him and his team into a prime position for everything involved with the planning, planting and maintenance of fruit trees.

His desire to put his knowledge to the benefit of trees and tree-owners led to the creation of the Suffolk Fruit and Trees service, providing quality online information available for anyone interested in growing fruit trees in their garden. He works with his son Henry, writer and journalist, currently living in Italy.

Dan and Henry can provide advice and demonstrations for individuals, allotment associations and other organizations. Site visits are possible in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Dan Neuteboom’s consulting curriculum

Throughout Dan’s professional career, his specialist knowledge has led to requests for consultancy from far and wide. He was invited by the fruit growing advisory services of South Africa, Canada and Michigan State University in the United States, speaking to large audiences of fruit growers on how to utilise growth-controlled rootstocks on commercial fruit farms to reduce labour costs.

In the UK, Dan was closely involved with the East Malling Research Station in Kent.

In the four decades from 1970 to 2010, Dan received many visits at his farms in Hemingstone and Stonham Aspal, from fruit growers based all over Europe, above all from France, Belgium, Germany and Hungary, who enjoyed his specialist advice, and the fantastic food and hospitality provided by Dan’s wife Henrietta. This wide-ranging experience enabled Dan to develop detailed knowledge of fruit tree growing in a wide range of climatic, site and soil conditions.

Dan Neuteboom at Highgrove

Both Dan and Henrietta were invited to a garden party in London, on request by King Charles (at that time, Prince). The Prince’s problem was connected to the many gifts of fruit trees that he receives from well-wishers and how they could be planted most successfully at Highgrove. Shortly afterwards, Dan visited Highgrove and provided the Orchard Manager with advice on how to deal with the fruit trees on this estate.

Contact Dan Neuteboom at Suffolk Fruit and Trees: enquiries@realenglishfruit.co.uk