is a website that has been online since 1995, and it has developed a significant status within the specialized niche of garden fruit growing, traditional fruit growing and estate management. To ensure a good reader experience, we have always avoided pop-up ads, sponsored posts and text adverts.

Banner ad spaces

There are two ad spaces available on, both in the right-hand column. It is our policy to offer both spaces to a single advertiser in order to ensure 100% share of voice. The spaces are visible on every page of the website. We can provide the client with access to data on views and click-throughs. is a website on the WordPress platform, and therefore we recommend a simple jpg banner ad.

Ad space 1: 250 x 142 pixels:

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Ad space 2: 250 x 400 pixels:
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Technical data and prices

  • Visitors: 11,700/month
  • Page views/month: 45,000
  • Share of voice: 100%
  • Ad space 1: 250 x 142 pixels: price £100/month
  • Ad space 2: 250 x 400: price £200/month
  • Ad spaces 1 and 2: price £250/month

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