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We are privileged to have a large, old, Bramley tree in our garden, for which Dan provided valuable on-site advice on its pruning and ongoing care. He also provided illuminating information on the variety, and why this particular tree is so exceptional. Working with Dan was a rewarding experience.

century old bramley tree

“I have known Dan for some 17 years during which he has at the beginning of every year carried out the pruning of my 6 apple and 4 pear trees. Being very experienced he has done this in a very efficient and effective manner. In addition he often returns voluntarily later in the year to look at these trees particularly where there could be a chance of a problem. Certainly I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his services to any other party. Finally Dan is both a very polite and courteous gentleman.”

“Dan has been very helpful in explaining to me the points that I need to consider when planting a few apple trees. This includes the site, the importance of good drainage, type of soil (ph levels) and trees that suit the particular soil. This will then identify the varieties of apple trees that are likely to flourish and grow strongly.
Dan’s enthusiasm and willingness to help is invaluable – particularly to the uninitiated!”

“We lived for years at Aspall, Suffolk, only some 6 or 7 miles from Dan’s house and orchards, so got to know Dan and Henrietta well and we had mutual friends. We visited them often over the years and learned a lot about the world of fruit growing in Suffolk which was of particular interest to me having grown up in mid-Kent, surrounded by apple and cherry orchards in Egerton and Grafty Green. The cottage we brought at Aspall, near Debenham, Suffolk, was over 400 years old and had an old filbert, and pear and apple trees of some age. One old apple seemed to us to be a variety of dessert and cooking apple, which kept remarkably well into the New Year. We asked Dan if he knew it, and after consulting his huge apple atlas, he identified it as an apple called “Rival.” This apple had been introduced in 1929, and had somehow had faded from the scene. Dan was interested enough to take some cuttings and he grew them on, presenting us in due course with a sturdy young scion, which we conveyed to Wales where we found a spot for it in our sloping garden at 1,000 ft above msl.. We were aware from what Dan had told us about the preferred conditions for apples in general that our Silurian garden soil had a lower pH than apples usually liked, which may explain why our “Rival” failed after about 3 years. Since then, we have looked for apples that are known to do well here, and we have had some success with three varieties: “Rode Gravenstein”, “Falstaff,” and “Pyg yr Wyth’,” the last being a very Welsh local. Last year all 3 had the first of heavy crops. I would like to know how Dan’s “Rivals’ that he propagated have developed=, if at all.

“I have for more than 25 years now been involved with issues related to Climate Change, originally as a member of a team advising the Chinese government on sustainable energy technologies since then as a contributor to informal think tanks and university research webinars. So it was fascinating to hear Dan describing his experience of the northward shift of optimum conditions for growing of certain apple types, that he began growing in Suffolk decades ago, but would no longer advise. I seem to remember him saying that the best conditions now for Cox’s Orange Pippin, for example, were to be found in the southern uplands of Scotland. When I was a boy in Kent, in the ’40’s, Sevenoaks was the ideal spot. Dan said, I believe, that the optimum conditions have moved gradually northward at an average rate of some 80 miles every 10 years.

“I know there is much more that could said about the Real English Fruit Company with Dan at the helm. I must leave that to more knowledgeable people. And of course there is much more that I could say about our shared enthusiasm for discussing the nature of the world we would like to see! But that is another subject.”

Our best regards,

“Morning Dan,
We would like to thank you for your help and wonderful guidance and instructions you sent us, both in choosing and caring for our apple tree. We look forward to watching it grow and thrive!!”

“Hi Dan,
Many thanks for the excellent and very helpful advice you gave us. No one had spotted that our apple tree was not in fact a size-restricted tree but a full sized tree, which explained why it was no longer fruiting well. I followed your suggestions for cutting it down and treating the stump, and we are looking forward to planting smaller trees in the future!”


“Dear Dan,
… The personal interest you took was exceptional and included you calling me twice to discuss in detail our requirements. You have given us good old fashioned service that is so rare these days. We were so lucky to find you simply by searching the net. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends as I cannot think anyone could provide a better service.
Thank you so much,

“Having been brought up in a city, I had only dreamed of having a fruit garden, but when my wife and I moved to the country, I launched myself with gusto into my dream! After all, books and catalogues all said how easy it was – just plant up and everything in the garden was, er, lovely. After many trials and tribulations, sadder and wiser, I met Dan, who for several years now has given me a huge amount of good (and sometimes!) stern advice. The result? You should see it – fantastic! Everything is booming! So I have gone from new to boom, through Neuteboom. Thanks, Dan!”
Gerry Blyth, Suffolk

On the several occasions I have mailed for advice, Dan has provided comprehensive guidance.
I would recommend him to anyone, small gardener or professional, as a source of excellent advice.”
Andy Forgan, France

“Dan of Suffolk Fruit and Trees has provided an exceptional service: he has been providing us with advice and suggestions to ensure we have both beautiful and fruitful orchards. This advice and technical back up has given us confidence in our decisions today so that we can enjoy our trees for the next few decades. I have no hesitation in endorsing Dan.”
Andrew, Hamptons Farmhouse Orchard

“Dear Dan,
I am still working flat out on my garden most days, removing tons of horrendous clay, laying paths, making a pergola, preparing more decent sized holes in which to plant trees etc., however, I feel compelled to write to you to say how pleased I am with the guidance given by you, and the care you took to ensure I knew what I was doing. I cannot believe there are many suppliers who take the trouble on a Sunday afternoon to sit their customer down for 45 minutes in his own lounge with his pad and pen in order to be provided with a set of key necessities, that you know will enable him to give his new trees the best chance of success possible. I typed up your notes instantly I was so impressed. When I then add them to all the superb information on the website – the best on fruit trees on the internet in my estimation – you provide a wonderful service.
As for the future I am pretty confident that I shall be returning to you to tap your personal deep reservoir of specialist knowledge. Details such as when and how to apply a winter wash, how to avoid peach leaf curl and the like have been most useful but I don’t think I shall cope on all fronts with what nature throws at me and my 8 trees. I shall be in contact at some point I’m sure!
With thanks.”

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