In fruit trees, good cross pollination is essential to achieve regular cropping. For this reason, the choice of varieties of the different fruit types is of great importance. Cross fertilization can only be achieved by means of a secondary variety of the same family of fruit trees. For example, two different varieties of apple are needed to achieve fruit set. Only a few varieties are self fertile and can therefore be planted without a pollinator.

Secondly, it is also important to remember that in some years, with very warm and favourable weather conditions during blossom time, some fruit trees can produce a crop without the help of another variety. However one cannot rely on this characteristic, if you want to have fruit every year.

For these reasons, fruit trees prefer to be planted in a spot with lots of sunshine. Planting in the shade of other trees or buildings is never a good thing. A sunny spot and regular moisture availability will produce good tasting fruit. If in doubt, get expert advice on which varieties are suitable for your particular site or garden.

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