Often in many gardens there is a certain area with good soil but a lot of shade, due to a building or other obstacles restricting full light exposure. Holly trees, ILEX, do well in partial shade. However three points apply; holly trees transplant badly. Therefore start with a small tree and water it well during the first growing season. Secondly, the variegated holly trees prefer a partially sunny spot. Finally, choose the variety carefully. J.C. van Tol will have male and female parts on the same tree. Therefore red berries will form without a pollinator. Most other hollies are either male or female. In that case, plant one of each. Hollies are very suitable to grow as a barrier as the leaves of many varieties are very prickly. Make sure the trees do not dry out, particularly when they are grown as a hedge. Trimming can be done any time in the spring or summer.

Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash