Pruning quince trees is fairly simple because, like crab apples, the quince tree tends to look after itself very well. Pruning quinces should always be carried out towards the end of dormancy, say in March. Quince trees bear fruit on new growth and so you should be careful not to remove all the new shoots.

  1. In the quince tree’s earliest years, create a good main tree structure, with the first 4 branches placed at a height of about 1.25 metres.
  2. Remove all lower branches so that the tree has a clear trunk.
  3. Then leave the tree to its own devices. Lots of pruning in the early years will delay the cropping of the tree.
  4. In subsequent years, pruning a quince tree just entails the removal of dead, damaged, diseased or crossing branches. You can remove branches growing inwards towards the centre of the tree, in order to improve light entry.

quince tree pruning quince trees

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