Newton Wonder is a good cooking apple. Good size and good level of acidity. Suitable for the north of England. However in my own personal experience it has one weakness; it is prone to bitter pit. That means that in the flesh of the apple there are brown spots of a corky nature. It does best on soils with a pH of 6 to 6.3. In these conditions, it remains relatively free from bitter pit trouble. It’s not really suitable for growing on alkaline soils. Picking by mid October is about right. Picked too early it tends to develop bitterpit again.

The variety’s name comes from the location Kings Newton in Derbyshire, where William Taylor, landlord of the pub Hardinge Arms, found it as a seedling growing in the gutter. He planted it in the pub garden, and it became the tree from which the variety descends. It is apparently a cross between Blenheim Orange and Dumelow’s Seedling.

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Newton's Wonder
Newton’s Wonder. Photo courtesy of Clive Barker/