Trees and climate change

What contribution can we all make to combat climate change?

Every day we are hearing that planting trees is one of the factors that can help combat climate change. In the UK the latest government manifesto includes a commitment to planting 15 million trees over the next 5 years.

But we can all make positive contributions that help slow down climate change. Apart from limiting use of fossil fuels, we can plant trees in our own garden if we have one. Planting a fruit tree is beneficial in many ways, with the extra benefits of being able to enjoy home-grown fruit free from artificial chemicals and wasteful plastic packaging.

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Plant a tree to reduce CO2

A tree is a great companion to have. It can be small or as tall as you want. Trees are great as they clean the air we breathe, and create beauty wherever you live or work.

But most of all, they supply the oxygen used by everything that lives, and absorb the CO2 – the stuff we have too much of in the air – using it as their food to create energy.

If chosen correctly and given the proper care, most trees live longer than humans. Yew trees can live a thousand years, oak trees can live to over 800, walnut trees and mullberry trees can live for 400 years or more.

There is a tree for every space. There is a tree to fit even the smallest location. If it is a fruit tree, you will be able to enjoy the unbeatable flavour of your own freshly-picked fruit.

We can help you select the right tree to fit your space, plant it correctly, and launch it on its long and productive life.

Plant a tree for fruit and environment protection

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