Podcast fruit growing advice

Sound bites and fruit growing tips, listen to Dan’s expert advice on a range of fruit growing themes.

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Fruit Growing Advice 1
May – introduction to observing fruit trees and leaves

Fruit Growing Advice 2
May – Observing leaves to diagnose problems affecting the trees, pests, diseases, physical damage

Fruit Growing Advice 3
May – The effects of weather on fruit trees, and the risks of frost

Fruit Growing Advice 4
May – Yellow leaves, reasons, treatment

Fruit Growing Advice 5
May – Physical damage, mowers, pigeons, deer

Fruit Growing Advice 6
May – Insect damage to fruit trees, caterpillars, aphis

Fruit Growing Advice 7
May – Using natural predators to reduce insect damage; insecticidal soap

Fruit Growing Advice 8
Early June – Useful and harmful insects; insects and plums

Fruit Growing Advice 9
June – Choosing fruit trees in consideration of site and other factors

Fruit growing advice 10
June – Effects of high rainfall on predators, sawfly, codling moth

Fruit growing advice 11
June – Fruit tree pests in mid June, methods of control

Fruit growing advice 12
June – A warm, humid season, fungi, scab, mildew, canker

Fruit growing advice 13
June – Plums and greengages

Fruit growing advice 14
July – Greengages, how to ensure regularity in cropping


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