Setting up your own garden orchard – how, where, when and why

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Why is this website called Because we specialize in providing advice for successful fruit growing in your garden. Only a relatively small area is needed to plant a group of trees capable of providing a supply of fruit covering 6-8 months of the year. And we are convinced that traditional English varieties, chosen specifically for your location, are a very attractive proposition.

Modern supermarkets encourage fruit growers to plant varieties that can be grown successfully in a wide range of geographical areas, in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. For example, Braeburn and Gala are varieties that can be grown in many countries, and so are available in supermarkets every month of the year. They are crisp and colourful. But what about taste and texture?

There are other local English varieties which are often better in terms of flavour. Certain varieties are undoubtedly suited to your local area and climate. For example, considering the UK, the West Country has higher levels of rainfall than the East coast, and this is an important aspect to be considered when choosing varieties to plant. Varieties of local origin can offer some pleasant surprises in terms of taste, texture and juiciness.

So, the right selection of varieties is the most important decision to be made when planning a garden orchard. Secondary factors ensuring quality fruit include harvesting at the right time of year, and ensuring that storage is performed correctly. For example, pears ripen much better off the trees than when left on the tree. Pears can be kept at the bottom of the fridge where they keep well for an extended time, so that they can be brought out as required and allowed to ripen at room temperature.

In short, we can help you select the best varieties of apples, pears, plums, greengages and cherries, suitable both for your tastes and for your local climate. Just contact us and give us your address, the number of trees you would like to plant, and as much detail as possible of your site, valley or hill, type of soil, alkaline or neutral, and the height that you would like your trees to grow to.

We will then supply you with a quote for the information and design. Please note that we provide the advice. We no longer raise trees. Luckily there are reputable nurseries and online suppliers.

So, that’s why the website is called real English fruit, Not!

Traditional English orchard painting