Jubilee is a new plum tree that, according to some, could replace Victoria as the most successful plum variety. It is a cross between Victoria and Czar, developed at a research station in Sweden. The fruit is large, with reddish-purple skin and yellow flesh, juicy and sweet, making it ideal as a dessert plum but also great for cooking, jams and preserves. It is very hardy, easy to grow, a regular cropper, and self-fertile. It has the advantage of resistance to the fungal disease silver leaf, something that is a characteristic of its parent Czar, though Jubilee is a far better plum than Czar. The fruit ripens in August, about a week earlier than Victoria. The tree begins cropping after 2 years and reaches good yield in 4 years.

The photo shows Victoria, Jubilee is very similar.

Jubilee plum
Photo by Jonathan Billinger, CC BY-SA 2.0