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This website presents a lot of information about growing fruit trees, compiled by myself, Dan Neuteboom, on the basis of 60 years in the fruit growing profession. Scroll down for an index of the content on this website (site map).

Fruit tree care January 2022

Fruit trees are now in dormancy, and so this is a good time of year for planting new trees. There are many other jobs that need to be performed in order to ensure that both the trees and their immediate environment are conducive to tree health and good cropping. and capable of producing good fruit. If you have fruit stored for the winter, keep an eye on the fruit to ensure that it stays in good condition. Click here to read all our fruit growing tips for January.

Observing the essential needs of fruit trees

This is a good time to think back over the past year and the significant events that occurred to your trees. We may think, “Oh the trees? Well, they’ll be all right”. But often, due to neglect or lack of time, the trees are not all right. To keep them in good shape, we have to take the time to observe them. It is amazing how much the trees can tell us about themselves, if only we are willing to look and listen. Read the complete article.

Special feature: how to grow fig trees

Fig tree in containerWhy is my fig tree growing so strongly and not producing fruit?

Growing fig trees is feasible in the UK but trees should not be simply planted in a good patch of soil in the garden. It is essential to plant a fig in a container to restrict root growth. If you don’t do this, the tree will grow strongly and fail to crop. Read more about growing figs in this article.

My fig tree is growing free in the ground, is there any way of controlling its size by pruning?

In this case, the only effective way of controlling the fig tree’s growth is by pruning the roots, not by pruning the shoots! This is not a simple operation. Use a mini digger and lift the tree from the soil and replant the tree in a large container or a planting hole specially prepared with a lining and base in concrete slabs which make it impossible for the roots to grow sideways or downwards out of the allotted space. Alternatively, place a container in the hole; make sure it has drainage holes in the bottom.

My fig tree is in a container, but last year there was a lot of growth and not much fruit. Why?

In spring 2021 there were several night frosts. Figs are very frost-sensitive, and so the crop was reduced by frost damage to the tiny embryo fruitlets. If fruit is damaged in this way, all the energy that would have been used for the fruit is diverted to root and shoot growth. You can avoid frost damage to fig trees by taking it into a shed or poly tunnel from November to March, if it is in a mobile container. Or it can be protected with garden fleece. Or it can be grown permanently in a poly tunnel.

How do I prune my fig tree?

From the third year on, a fig tree can be pruned every winter (from November to March). Read our article about how to prune fig trees.

Watch a video about how to grow fig trees in the UK.

Fruit tree consultancy

Dan Neuteboom provides tailored advice on care, renovation and pruning of fruit trees, remotely, or with an on-site visit for locations in East Anglia, for gardeners, large estates, architects, estate agents, property developers and various government organizations. Over the course of his career, Dan has developed in-depth knowledge of fruit trees both in garden orchards and in large-scale commercial orchards. Some reader opinions are visible on our customer comments page.

For projects involving new trees to be planted, we work with a few selected top-quality nurseries, and so once the varieties and numbers of trees have been defined, we can put you in contact with the appropriate fruit tree supplier.

Just send a message by email ( or using our web contact form, and Dan will provide an estimate for the solution. Please send a few photos of the site and the fruit trees concerned.

Growing quality fruit trees

This website presents information on the entire spectrum of fruit trees for the garden:

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Video channel

The videos published on this website illustrate the critical stages of fruit development, from the period from blossom to fruit formation, in a chronological sequence throughout the year. Click here to see the videos currently available.

Watch a video tutorial about how to prune a mature apple tree.

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