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Dan Neuteboom pruning a mature tree


Rejuvenating old and abandoned trees

Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex (East Anglia)


Do you have some old fruit trees to which you would like to give a new lease of life? We can help in restoring old fruit trees! This is a worthwhile undertaking if the trees are basically healthy.

  • We rejuvenate neglected trees
  • restore and prune old trees
  • identify existing varietes
  • recommend pollinators
  • optimize fruit production

Real English Fruit” is increasingly becoming a challenge. British fruit growers are turning to international varieties – Fuji, Gala, Pink Lady, Red Delicious and many others – in order to comply with supermarket demands.

But “real English fruit” is something different. Traditional English apples privilege taste over yield. They offer a fascinating blend of flavours and fragrance, differently to today’s commercial varieties that are relentlessly crisp, sweet and juicy, but often bland and even boring.

After decades of work in this area, we at RealEnglishFruit have seen that the British Isles have a huge heritage of old orchards, once productive but now abandoned after repeated changes in ownership.

Our mission is to help the new owners of old orchards to give their ancient trees a renewed lease of life, principally by restructuring them and ensuring that their environment is suitable for keeping them healthy. By reviving neglected trees, we can bring old orchards back into production and ensure the survival of this precious genetic heritage.

There are multiple benefits. A healthy, traditional orchard adds value to a property. It provides wonderful fruit and offers a unique environmental resource. It offers sustenance for a huge number of insects, birds and animals, adding to the genetic and monetary value of the property. It optimises the setting and helps preserve a unique facet of the British heritage.

Restoring old fruit trees Suffolk

Further information on how we can help restore old fruit tree

Just send Dan Neuteboom an email ( or use our web contact form,  with a description of your problem and preferably with a few photos. We will respond with an initial overview and an estimate for our services, which can be provided remotely or in person. Payments by bank transfer or cheque. See our Consulting page for further information.

century old bramley tree
A magnificent century-old bramley tree

May 2024 – garden orchard update

May is a critical time of year for fruit trees. Newly-planted trees need special care and regular watering, and even established trees may need help with water and mulch.

Fruit trees are now well into the various stages of flowering and or growth. Lots of new green leaves are forming. These are very important for the trees’ well-being.

Parasites can be particularly problematic, particularly those that damage foliage. The leaves are excellent indicators as to how the trees are coping with various pests and diseases.

Pheromone traps should be place in apple and plum trees.

Click here to read more fruit tree care tips for May.


How to prune fig trees

We are receiving a lot of requests from readers asking how to prune fig trees. On this website we provide information on how to trim a fig tree, and there is also a video on how to grow fig trees successfully.


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Video channel

The videos published on this website illustrate the critical stages of fruit development, from the period from blossom to fruit formation, in a chronological sequence throughout the year. Click here to see the videos currently available.

Watch a video tutorial about Tydemans Late Orange, a biennial-bearing apple variety.


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