How to store apples

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How to store apples? The best place is the bottom of the fridge. If you don’t have enough room in the fridge, then store the apples in a plastic bag with good sized holes in it. Place the apples in the coolest part of the house, garage or cellar.

  • If possible, store the apples in a single layer.
  • Check the apples weekly, for rots, mice damage or shrivel.
  • Use the larger apples first. Small apples have a longer storage life!
  • Apples bruise easily. Only use blemish-free apples for long-term storage. Late-maturing apple varieties are best for long term storage. It’s best to use the early apples first. Early apples won’t keep!
  • Apples which have softened during the storage period, can still be used in the kitchen for the preparation of various dishes such as apple sauce, later in the winter.

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