Josephine de Malines is a late-ripening, winter pear variety, originating in Belgium in the early 19th century. It has good flavour and it keeps well in a cool place. As for most pear varieties, you just have to put them in a bowl and keep them in the house in order to ripen them to perfection.

Joséphine de Malines is a heavy-cropping variety, and it is not vigorous. It prefers a sunny location, rich soil and it needs a pollinator. It crops well. It is a good choice for growing as an espalier. It is an excellent pollinator for Comice pears.

The variety was raised by Major Pierre Joseph Esperen in Malines (Mechelen), Belgium, who named it after his wife Josephine.

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Josephine de Malines
Illustration by Wilhelm Lauche, Wageningen UR Digital Library – Public Domain