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Sometimes, you may run into fruit tree problems – fruit trees can get sick. All sorts of things can happen: they may stop growing, their leaves may discolour or curl up, perhaps they don’t produce much fruit. By means of my long experience as a grower, I can provide help, at a very reasonable cost. Just contact me by email, describing the fruit tree problem. Please give me your contact details, including your address (fruit trees are site specific, and please remember to attach some photos.

Fruit tree health is highly dependent on site, soil and weather conditions. Secondly, pests and diseases can play a major role. Often a combination of the following factors are the cause of tree health deterioration: lack of moisture, waterlogged soil, competition from grass/weeds, virus infection, bacterial and fungal diseases, various pests, global warming effects, the lack or over-supply of nutritional elements in the soil, soil pH, weather conditions during blossom time, pollination problems, over-cropping, rootstock problems, lack of orchard hygiene, rabbits, deer, muntjac, mice and voles, replant disease. Other frequent problems are those related to difficulties in shaping fan, espalier, spindle or stepover trees, dwarf pyramid or cordon growing.

Our rates for solving fruit tree problems

The standard rate for e-mail consultancy is £15. If the problem is of such a nature and size that it receives a more extensive response, I will quote a rate for the job. Please write to me at I will provide details on methods of payment.

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Please describe the fruit tree problems that you are having. Attach photos, max 1MB, max 3 photos, or send photos separately to my email address I will reply to offer my consultancy in finding a solution to your problem. My standard rate is £15. In the case of large-scale assignments, I will provide a quote. I will provide payment details in my reply, and you can also consult our Tariffs and Payments page on the website.

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