apples_pete_6Ordering from us at Suffolk Fruit and Trees couldn’t be easier. However we would like to point out that our website is not the usual type of internet sales website. Submitting an order does not mean that you are immediately and irrevocably committed to the trees you have indicated! We are well aware that you may be unsure of whether the trees you prefer work well together as regards pollination, planting distance, soil type, height restrictions and other local conditions. So, please feel free to ask questions in the Special Instructions windows on the Order Forms. We will provide the requested advice to ensure that the trees that you purchase will do well in their future location. To summarize, we are always ready to give you the advice that will optimize your purchase.


1. Once you have decided which trees you would like to plant (you can choose from our tree varieties page), please let us know and we can book those trees under your name. During the summer months from April to the end of November, you can place an order for potted trees that can be transplanted with care at any time. In any case, orders must be paid for in advance, and we need your full address to complete your booking correctly.

2. If you know the fruit tree varieties you want, go directly to our ‘Tree Varieties’ page and make your selection. Write any comments or clarification that you need regarding your selection in the Special Instructions window.

3. If you know exactly what you want and don’t want to look through our varieties list, or you have a specific order or question, please complete the form on this page.

You can always contact Dan at Suffolk Fruit and Trees directly by e-mail or complete the on-line enquiry form below.

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Trees are site-specific. This is why we need your address. This data, along with your phone number, makes it easier for us to provide a better and faster service.


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